ShellSnore Games

Indie Game Company

We are ShellSnore Games, an indie game company formed by two high school students - Kyle and Connor. We’ve been developing games together since the fifth grade, and we’re excited to finally share our work with the wider world! Our first official game, Jaded, is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, and is still a work-in-progress. The beta is released on Steam, so go try it out!


Connor is the lead software developer and level designer for ShellSnore Games. He has been programming since he was in 4th grade and enjoys co-designing games with Kyle. He has loved making little digital experiences ever since making Obstarun 4: Counteraction on Scratch, and has aspired to make ever-greater bundles of fun since.


Kyle is the lead artist, a programmer, and a project manager for ShellSnore Games. He is interested in all sorts of creative media: animation, music, and of course, video games. He loves the spontaneity of the creative process: sometimes, projects unexpectedly guide themselves in new and inspiring directions.

Jaded Team

Sam, Jenna, and Sev have been instrumental in moving Jaded forward ever since joining the team, helping to write the story for Jaded (releasing with the full game). Sam has composed some brilliant songs for the game, Sev has crafted our spectacular character designs for the upcoming story, and Jenna has created stunning storyboards and artwork for new story-related areas as well as running our Instagram account.